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How we eat, what we eat, who cooks our food, who grows our food, how it is grown, how we buy our food,and the light these questions shed on the situation of humanity today is what inspires me to write.

** Please contact me to explore potential collaborations. I do have my own line of thoughts but I am totally open to joining them to yours; whether that is to write an article together, to accompany your photos, to co produce an article, or even to write a book together.

Cooking with Loula

Cooking with Loula (formerly Cooking to Share) started as a genuine desire to collect the recipes I grew up eating and pay tribute to two influential women in my life. It gave me the opportunity to examine myown connection to food, my surroundings, my relationships, and the value system bestowed upon me. Within it I record those moments of completeness I felt sitting around the table but I also add something of my own, something more romantic,the image ofhow I would ideally like things to be when it comes to food.

Ηow Cooking with Loula was born.

In March 2013, I launch a Kickstarter campaignin order to finance the creation of Cooking to Share, the first edition of Cooking with Loula; 500 people support me.At the beginning of 2014 all my backers receive their books- and the feedback is incredibly positive! Not only do I receive comments praising the book I had laboriously workedon (some of which you can read bellow)but most importantly people start to cook Greek food in their homes all over the world and take the time to share in the feeling of excitement I have when people eat or cook together. In May 2014 Artisan orders a copy of Cooking to Share on Amazon, and in September 2014 I sign a contract with them. They rename the book Cooking with Loula and a new beautiful and seamless edition is born.

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I would be delighted for you to have a copy of my book in your kitchen!

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Praise for the book.

“Top 10 Cooking & Food Books for Spring 2016.” — Publishers Weekly

“Real Greek home cooking: healthy, homey, traditional, and seasoned here with Stratou’s stories.” — BookPage

“Chapter titles (e.g., Weekdays, Sundays, Traditions, Essential Recipes) will make perfect sense to home cooks, who will find it easy to determine which dishes can be made every day and which meals should be saved for weekends and special occasions. There’s a handy chart that orders all the recipes by cooking time, as well as an array of inviting, unfussy photographs. VERDICT: Stratou’s unique and intensely personal cookbook is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

“This is not just another Greek cookbook—it is a cookbook with heart.” —Booklist

“Stratou approaches Greek food in a soulful and imaginative way that honors the generations of cooks who have come before her.” —Alice Waters

“ This is hands down the best cookbook that I have ever owned; I really do mean it. ” — Brady

“I received my book yesterday - as my wonderful Greek grandmother would say, "your hands are blessed" - I began going through all the recipes and honestly I became so very emotional that I began to cry.” — Peter V Gamba

“The book is beautiful! It is so much more than a cookbook - a work of art and love. Thank you for all the effort you put into it. It is wonderful to know someone who takes such pride and care in what they undertake to accomplish.” — Kay Rohde